Fitivity just got better with a fresh new look and feel

By October 30, 2017Features

In 2014 we launched we launched Fitivity with the goal of helping people like you, our friends and supporters, get active and reach your own personal fitness and athletic goals. Since then, we’ve moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, hired seven full-time employees and most importantly, we’ve developed over 400 fitness and sports training apps. In the past year we’ve also spent a lot of our time listening to your feedback (good and bad) and today we are incredibly excited to unroll the newest version of Fitivity!

Google Play app library

iTunes app library

 We’ve kept a few favorite features but, in the spirit of Fitivity, there is always room to improve and we wanted to offer a better experience for you.

Premium Subscription

The new Fitivity Premium subscription now allows you to access any app on iOS and Android. Added bonus: You can use it on up to five different devices!

Personal trainers

Fitivity now offers personal trainers to guide you through your workouts and provide extra motivation.

Fitivity facelift

The apps have a new look and feel to offer a better user experience. They’re sleeker, easier to navigate and have an updated aesthetic.

Music streaming integration

You can now sync your workouts with your favorite Pandora and Spotify songs and playlists. So pump up the beats when you need a little extra motivation or have a chill mix playing as you cool down.

Techniques for workouts

Our workout apps now include videos that highlight the correct technique and form so you can do it right on the very first time.

In-app timer

Now you can time your reps and workouts right in the app. No need to use a separate timer to make sure you’re hitting your goals.

New search function

Fitivity now has a search function where you can find any app by category or see all available apps in the Fitivity family.

Powered by new technology

Our developers have created a brand-new tech stack to power your favorite Fitivity apps. This means quicker load times, better performance and less pesky bugs.

If you haven’t already, update your favorite Fitivity apps or download something brand new to challenge yourself. And or course, let us know what you think of the new experience. Remember, this is just the start so follow us via social media and subscribe to our newsletter for all upcoming news and feature releases.

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