Fitivity helps you get better and reach your sports and fitness goals.  We have over 400 specialized training apps that use digital audio coaching, HD video, and other tools to guide users through weeks of progressive training.

Fitivity offers something for everyone, including: basketball & soccer training, home fitness workouts, martial arts, and so much more.

Fitivity Beats

Fitivity Beats is a fitness and sports audio training experience designed to make your workouts fun!  Beats is specially crafted with intuitive and motivating audio coaching and music placement to guide you through your workouts, ranging from treadmill running and strength training, to soccer and basketball.

As each workout progresses, you will enjoy a powerful blend of engaging music that matches your tastes and motivational training from your own personal audio fitness trainer that matches your goals.

Think of it like having your own personal trainer and DJ with you whenever you work out, just without the high price tag!

Fitivity Cerebral: Coming Soon

Fitivity Cerebral is a mindfulness training experience we developed to accompany you on your journey to achieve your fitness, sports, and total wellness goals.

Cerebral offers over a 100 audio app sessions focused on meditation, visualization, and concentration around improving sports and fitness performance.  Learn to visualize your success,