Fitivity is on Kickstarter!

It’s not easy trying to make an impact on the world, yet that’s what our team tries to accomplish each and every day. We huddle together at the round table and hash out ideas. There are disagreements but there are also cookies, so we find our balance. After months of brainstorming and working with current Fitivity app users, we have figured out how to make a dent in the realm of sports & fitness: we’re going to build two completely new app experiences!


We are working on building two new apps:

1) Pick-up Sports app (iPhone & Android) - Find and organize local sports games and workouts.

2) Virtual Coaching app (iPhone & Android) - Get guidance from a personal coach for the cost of coffee.


Awesome, right?! If you’re not excited yet, keep reading to discover what these apps are all about. You can also listen to a podcast from Founder & CEO, Guy Pistone, explaining these two app experiences.

They’re explained in even more detail on our Kickstarter page, so you should head over there if you’re even remotely interested. If you’re reading this, then that counts as being remotely interested ;)

Pick-up Sports App

Click here for a video walkthrough of the app user experience.



The app automatically generates pick-up games and workouts in local communities. Users can also create their own events and reserve spots to any event they discover.

Pickup Sports App Explanation

Additional features:

Feature 1 - Pick-up Workouts:

The technology will work the same as for pick-up sports; however the subject of the event will be towards working out, instead of playing a game. Some example workouts are “Beginners Yoga Workout,” “Advanced Karate Workout,” or “High Intensity Interval Training Workout.” We will provide a workout, utilizing our extensive library of workouts for attendees to optionally follow.

Feature 2 - Create your own Event:

This feature allows you to create groups, and within those groups, create events. You can choose to only invite members of your group, or promote your event outside of your group to the rest of the Fitivity community. You can create pick-up sports games, matches, group workouts, etc. If you are creating a group workout, you can choose a workout from Fitivity's library.

Feature 3 - People Finder:

This feature will allow you to search for athletes, coaches, beginners, and anyone within our community that is local to you and that chooses to make their profile public. You can connect and chat to organize potential in-person workouts, games, or matches.

Virtual Coaching App

Click here for a video walkthrough of the app user experience.



Get guidance from a coach and accomplish any sports and fitness goal via the Fitivity Virtual Coaching app. In the Virtual Coaching apps, you can choose to train with a group led by a coach or one-on-one with the coach.

Virtual Coaching App Explanation

Fitivity social platform of 438 apps

We are one of the largest sports and fitness mobile training brands. Our 438 apps get a combined 10,000 downloads EVERY SINGLE DAY! Every month, over 500,000 different people open a Fitivity app. Since we first started building apps three years ago, we have facilitated over 20 million workouts worldwide and have helped hundreds of thousands of people successfully reach their full fitness or athletic potential!


To get funding for these apps, we have set up a Kickstarter page. We are relying on our awesome community of users to check it out, contribute, and spread the word. If we reach our goal, we’ll be able to build these two experiences AND there are a ton of awesome rewards for you. Head over the campaign now!