How to make your headache disappear

As I sat down at the end of the day last night with a slab of a headache throbbing through each of my temples, I thought first about how I could use a cup of coffee and second about how I might use a glass of water. Then a pondering thought hit me: Do I have a headache because of not drinking a coffee (I usually have two 16 ounce, black cups per day) or because of not drinking water?


I had barely had any water that day – a rarity for me, as I am constantly hydrating – and not had any coffee. So I did a little experiment to see what affected me more.

So last night at 7pm, I made myself a coffee to soothe my headache and let it sit. I felt the typical response to caffeine. One hour later – headache. Two and three hours later – headache. It actually made me feel worse; the energy I got from it was negated by the throbbing headache.

Throbbing headaches are hard to ignore.


If I find myself in that situation again, I’ll try the same experiment using water. Since I usually stay hydrated and I don’t experience headaches, it leads me to believe that water may be more impactful on getting through the day than coffee. Or perhaps the trick is to drink enough water and then supplement it with coffee if need be.

Regardless, if you are trying to watch your spending and you are considering a Starbucks visit to get you through the day, you might want to keep in mind that water is the better option.

I think the only good thing the coffee did for me was drive me to write my thoughts down, hence the brief blog with my reflections.


Good luck throughout your day!



- Blog by Sean Possemato