The post-injury mindset is important for the road to recovery

If you’re an athlete of any kind, you know how easy it is to get hurt and you know how hard it is to recover. Whether you’re into basketball, softball, soccer, running, lifting, or any other type of intense physical movement – your body is at risk. Aside from the pain, the most frustrating thing for an athlete is the long road to recovery looming ahead. However, there are a few positives you can focus on after suffering an injury.


Injuries can bring out the best in you

Bouncing back from an injury requires patience and humility. Listening to your body’s needs can sometimes be the opposite of what we want to do, but having an injury helps us grow in these virtues.


You only appreciate what you have once it's gone!

When you have all that time to rest and recover, you tend to remember why you love the sport you’re playing in the first place. Being in the moment, we tend to lose track of time and start playing the sport just because we have to. Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder; being forced to sit out increases the love for the game so you no longer take advantage of it.


Take any excuse to celebrate

Suffering an injury, depending on the severity, may cause you to need physical therapy. When you meet with your physical therapist every week, the two of you can celebrate your progress together and work on improvements. You’ll have someone cheer you on while simultaneously helping you get better: a double win.

Listening to your physical therapist and any doctors you see is extremely important when recovering. This seems to be one of the most frustrating things for you stubborn athletes out there, but trust us - they know what they’re talking about. Listening to these people will not only help you recover but it also will allow you to prevent future injuries.



When you are finally able to get back in the game, you’ll gain your confidence back. The body is an amazing thing and the ability to heal itself is even more amazing. Even if it takes a long time to recover - if there is a possibility of recovery - you’re set up for success.


Surround yourself with supporters and motivators. Stick with your physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, and all the other annoying aspects that are only going to get you better. Even when your injury feels like the end of the world, just remember everything happens for a reason. Your ability to play is only delayed, not denied.


- Blog by Taylor Graff