Ways to get motivated for a Morning Workout

Flashback: 6:00 AM, you’re warm in your bed, the sun is peeking through the window, and everything feels perfect. You could stay in that moment forever and be happy. Then all of a sudden, that dreaded sound of the alarm clock blasts you awake, and your heart sinks into your stomach. It’s time for your morning workout.


If you find that you choose the comfort of your bed to working out, most of us are right there with you. Even the best athletes in the world get this feeling. Seriously! Read any post by an athlete, and they will all tell you it takes extreme self-discipline to get motivated for that morning workout.

If you spring up out of bed and put your all into that workout, then good for you! Keep it up! Pass this post on to someone who can’t seem to understand where all of your energy comes from.


According to a study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition, working out in the morning on an empty stomach will burn more fat throughout the day than if you were working out at any other time. So even if the morning version of you doesn’t see why you should get up and work out, the practical version of you can use some tips and tricks to beat those early morning blues and get your butt (and the rest of you) into shape.

Ways to get motivated for a Morning Workout


1) Sleep in your (clean) workout clothes

Let’s face it. Changing out of your pajamas is hard. Put yourself in the position where you don’t have another choice by sleeping in your workout gear. Make sure to pick something clean and relatively comfortable so that you’re not irritated throughout the night. This way, you’ll have a little bit of extra time to sleep, while also skipping the tedious action of getting dressed in the morning.

2) Move your alarm clock away from your bed

Having your alarm clock near where you sleep will make it easy for you to hit the snooze button. Nope! Move it far away so you’re forced to get out of bed to turn it off. That will get you up and moving and ready to start your workout.

3) Have an accountability partner

Find a friend that is just as motivated as you are, and hold each other accountable. Call, text, and call each other again to make sure you get up and out in the mornings. You can even schedule a day where you’ll both work out together!

4) Give yourself a treat

Getting up early is hard. Promising yourself a small treat once you complete your workout will help you stay motivated. You’ll need to eat, anyway, so why not plan ahead to give yourself something to look forward to? Treats could be: a peanut butter protein shake, some frozen berries, dark chocolate covered almonds, carrots with hummus, coffee with a small amount of sweetener, or anything else that’s healthy and delicious.

5) Shopping spree!

With new clothing comes great motivation. Prep for a good workout by going to the mall to get some cute workout outfits or some new sneakers. Even something as simple as a new water bottle or a headband can get you in the mood.

6) Make a playlist

Use your iPhone or iPod to make a playlist of your favorite songs to pump you up. Start the playlist as soon as you wake up, and don’t turn it off until you’re done. Keep updating the playlist so you constantly have something new to look forward to.

7) Go for a walk

If you are seriously too tired, like I-worked-a-12-hour-shift-and-can’t-move tired, go for a walk. Sleep in a little longer and make time to walk for at least 20 minutes. This won’t burn as many calories, but if it’s done in the morning it will jumpstart your metabolism and get your blood pumping.

8) Set a goal

Set goals for yourself (more reps, miles, etc.) and once you reach them, treat yourself! Go out with friends, have a cheat meal, or get your nails done. Reward your efforts and you’ll go far.

9) Drink water

Drinking water in the morning will keep you hydrated, refreshed, and ready for a workout. This is the single most important thing you can do for your body, even if you don’t follow anything else.

10) Have fun

Even though getting up and moving your body in the morning is tough, making a workout fun will encourage you even more. Make up games, challenges, and tricks to push yourself toward your goals.