Lebron James versus Michael Jordan

Who is the better overall player? This has been speculated, deliberated, and contemplated by many people. Though it’s not practical or fair to compare the two greats because of the time change and different eras they were in, the debate lingers.



Lebron James has captured our attention and has been widely regarded as the best player in the NBA currently. But does his greatness undermine Michaels Jordan and his achievements? Some think Lebron is the clear choice to soon surpass Jordan and become the greatest while others laugh at this thought and believe Jordan is and will forever be the best.

Jordan has 6 championships and never lost in the playoffs. He was able to score 38 points in one game while he had the flu. He has a handful of great game winning shots. Can Lebron compete with this impressive resume?

Currently, at age 30, Lebron has two rings. Jordan has 6 in total, but at age 30 he had 3 rings. This means that Lebron is behind.

In terms of individual skills, they both have strengths and weaknesses. Jordan is better at shooting and Lebron is better with assisting and passing because of his height and his experience as a point guard. Jordan is superior in half-court offense and defence and Lebron is a better finisher than Jordan because of his size and driving.

Lebron is a very smart player but doesn't have one important attribute that Jordan does have: the killer ability. Killer ability is the need to destroy the opponent, not just win the game. Other basketball players that share this killer ability today are Russel Westbrook and Kobe Bryant. These players wanted the win, but they also wanted to be the highlight and see their rivals fail.

There is still time for Lebron to show us a lot; he is obviously an outstanding player. However, the question is whether he is more outstanding than the household name of Michael Jordan. It’s up to you to look at the facts and make your own decision.


- Blog by Taylor Caforio