Advanced Two Ball Dribbling Drills are A Game Changer

As a former 5'8 collegiate and pro guard, I can tell you my game completely changed when I learned advanced two ball dribbling drills. I was cut from 6th grade up until my Junior year of High School, but when I walked into my college team I let nothing stop me from improving. I owe much of my basketball development to two ball dribbling drills.

 Not only did this type of training improve my handles, but I noticed an improvement in my overall shooting, passing and ball control. My confidence skyrocketed as I was able to get anywhere I wanted on the floor, with head up and eyes always active.


Two-ball dribbling is good for a few reasons:

1) It tests your nervous system like crazy!

I dare you to try to get one rep of a challenging two ball drill! Mastering challenging two ball drills takes your level or coordination to a whole new level - giving you a complete handle on the basketball.

2) The second ball simulates defense

In the game of basketball you only dribble one ball (obviously), so when you dribble two balls, the other ball is a distraction – or DEFENSE! In a game, you always have to think about the defender in front of you if you are a mediocre ball handler. However, once you have mastered challenging two ball drills, you don't even think about the other ball. Similarly, you will notice that in games you don't have to think about the other defender.

3) Two ball drills are way more efficient

For each rep you dribble with one arm, you are dribbling the same amount with the other. That is increasing your efficiency by 100% compared to simply using one ball.


In ball handling there are a variety of skills sets you need to learn that are reflected in the different types of drills:

  • Cupping drills
  • Exchanging Hand or Crossover Drills
  • Fingertip control Drills
  • Drills on the move
  • Passing Drills
  • Hand Quickness Drills
  • High to Low Drills

All of these ball handling skill sets have associated advanced two ball drills. If you are looking for some, I would advise you to download dribbling apps by Fitivity (available for iPhone and Android).


Please understand, however, that two ball dribbling is tough. Let me provide you with a few pointers to remember during these workouts:

1) Do drills listening to music

This will help you push yourself! It is very important to go 100% when you practice. Music will help motivate you and make you dribble faster.

2) Do these drills in a closed space

For many drills you will screw up when learning, causing the balls to go all over the place. Do these drills in the corner of a gym or in a closed environment so you do not have to continually chase the balls. (I did these outside so I always had to chase the balls.)

3) Try to get two balls that are pumped up the same amount

However, after you become a master, use balls that are inflated at different levels.

4) When learning super challenging drills, just focus on getting one rep at a time

Then, once you get one rep, go for two reps, then three reps, etc. This will make the drill seem less overwhelming. Also, if you can get no more than one or two reps for a drill, then spend no longer than 5 minutes on that drill before skipping to the next one. Your body will eventually learn it through repetition - just keep going and believing in yourself! It may take you weeks to be able to get just one rep for a challenging drill.


Okay, there you have it. Good luck on your journey!


- Blog by Guy Pistone